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It’s too early to say these VPS.me guys are a scam or not.  But what I can see is majority of their free users are not happy. Their web site are facebook page didn’t impressed me a lot. They claim they are the only free vps provider but it’s not true at all. There are several other free VPS Hosting providers out there are they have been providing free vps for years.

Their Facebook pages says service has started on May 2013 and also they have received Best Web hosting provider of the year Award ? Does not sounds professional at all. Anyway Here’s what they provide,

  • Guaranteed CPU 0.6 Ghz.
  • Memory Limit 348 MB.
  • Disk Space 5 GB.
  • Bandwidth 10 GB.
  • Dedicated IP addresses 1.
  • Forum only Support.
  • NO Outgoing SMTP.

They say free vps service is available for 140 countries (in free vps page) But I don’t see there’s a list of countries anywhere. Also only people from 10 or so countries I have seen telling they received free VPS. Most of you probably see “Only Premium VPS services are available in your country. Please choose paid VPS plan ” message when you try to signup. Then those who got through this need a phone verification.  Many haven’t received this activation SMS. It seems they have some serious problems with this phone authentication system.

Those who did get through this phrase encounter another problem.  You have to  connect to your VPS as ROOT within 24 hours after first time creation or your vps gets suspended. I’m yet to find anyone who got through everything and having a up and running vps.

Just check their support forum or search Google for “vps.me” and you will find all about these problems. Now really hope providers will able to sort out all these problems rather than it becomes another scam or marketing gimmicks.

I don’t think their free vps are for production level sites but at least if you can use these for testing it would be great.

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