YouHosting Review

YouHosting Review

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 YouHosting maybe the biggest free hosting provider out there in market today.  This service is backed by Hostinger International Ltd which has been around since 2004.  Interesting thing about YouHosting is you are getting more than free web hosting from them. You can even start your own free / paid web hosting service using their resources. This is probbly the only free hosting service which allows you to run your own free hosting service using free hosting account resources.

YouHosting Review

YouHosting features,

  • 10 GB Disk space.
  • 100 GB Bandwidth.
  • You can use multiple servers / IP Addresses
  • Unlimited No. of domains. ( No limit mention in their plan)
  • Support by forum.
  • PHP / MySQL.
  • FTP Access.
  • SSH.

There are some restrictions too,

  • 10000 Max visitors per day, per domain.
  • 25000 Max mySQL requests per hour,  per domain.
  • No free sub-domain you need to use your own domain as master.
  • Limited features for High risk countries.

High risk country list is  Nigeria, China, Morocco, Russia, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Turkey.  Users from these countries will be automatically limited to 500MB disk space, 5000MB data transfer and 1 MySQL database per account.

You can run your own white label free hosting service since you can setup your own private name servers, such as,, your clients access control panel at, MySQL host name is

I signed up and setup a WordPress blog. Whole signup and installation process was easy. Even installing plugins had no lag at all and fast. A definite plus point as free hosting provider since most of the other free hosting account need to FTP plugin files or themes when you need to install.

Even though they do offer live chat and email support you can forget about these. Doesn’t work and waste of time even trying. But their forum based support is very good. Forum staff and members are very active and friendly do their best to help you.

One of the known problems is couple of ISP providers in USA and UK might have blocked YouHosting  IP Addresses. Not all IPs but some.

  • USA (AT&T).
  • UK (VirginMedia).
  • USA (Verizon).

You can find more upto date details about this issue in their forum >> Here

Also They do offer Free VPS too ! All you need is one referral or 150 posts in their forum and you get a free vps.

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