Free Web Hosting is Good ?

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People don’t want to use free web hosting not because they know anything about it but because everyone just say free web hosting is bad. But really free web hosting is bad as everyone believe ? Is it better going to paid hosting for everything ? Do we really have to use Paid hosting for everything ?

If you know what you get and what are your limits with free web hosting then you can get plenty of benefits from these free web hosting services. Main thing is you get these for free most of the time so its not fair we go an complain. There are things you should consider because you decide using a free web host.

  • Never use your money site or sites which give you profits in free web hosting services. No matter how good the free web hosting providers you know better use your profitable sites in paid hosting accounts.
  • Don’t use Free web Hosting for forums, WordPress or other CMS. Most of free hosting providers keep most php functions restricted or disabled. So there is a bigger chance CMS not working in these. Also You will have bigger problems if a server crash happen. For this kind of sites paid hosting is the only way.
  • Always read online reviews about the free web hosting provider before sign up. Some providers are not so good and waste of time. Also remember not all negative reviews are not real.
  • There are some crazy hosting providers who put adds after a while. So always keep an eye on your sites.
  • Always use free web hosting providers who have been around for a while. When it comes to free web hosting what matters is stability not the amount of resources you get.

There are good free hosting providers which you can use for various things. Free hosting is great for those who want to start earning money online. If you don’t have money to invest for paid hosting or if you don’t have a Paypal account Free hosting will you get going till you able to pay for a paid hosting account. Also free hosting is great for tire 1 web sites which directed for your money site. Remember always make backups because its not hosting providers responsibility.

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